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Retirement can be a period of significant change for clients and span many years. That’s why it’s important to advise them on the plan that’s right for them now…and for the future!

So as well as comparing interest and loan-to-value rates, it is important to think how their plan may need to accommodate their changing circumstances for the rest of their lives too. 

Asking a range of questions is as important as discovering how much the property is worth or what the client intends to do with their loan. 

Maybe your clients would…

  • Look to downsize in the future? 
  • Like the option to repay some of their loan? 
  • Like to guarantee an inheritance?
  • Want to release the maximum cash loan or obtain the maximum drawdown facility? 
  • Qualify for an enhanced plan and higher LTVs due to their health or lifestyle choices?

Only by asking these questions can you be sure that you are giving the best advice. Our lifetime mortgages come with a range of modern lending features to provide your clients with a flexible solution. Explore our plan features >>

Are you seeing the Big Picture?

Our multi award-winning ‘Big Picture’ campaign was designed to help underline the importance of asking about health and lifestyle when discussing lifetime mortgage solutions with clients, because these factors can have a huge impact on the amount of lending a client could qualify for – our Tailored Choice enhanced plan has LTVs of up to 55%. 

It’s not just the most serious health issues that could qualify your clients for an enhancement to their LTV. Smoking, being overweight and even ‘hidden’ manageable health conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, can also qualify them for a larger loan.

To ensure your clients get the best deal, make sure you understand their complete medical circumstances by asking them just 13 simple health and lifestyle questions to see if they qualify.

Learn more about how you can see the Big Picture >>