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At a glance

  • Simple underwriting process, just 13 straightforward health and lifestyle questions
  • Loans from £10,000 - £600,000 (Location dependent)
  • LTVs from 20.9% to 54.5%
  • Available to clients aged 55+

Plan features

Enhanced loan to values

We offer high LTVs - up to 54.5% - for a range of medical conditions and lifestyle issues, from being overweight and smoking through to diabetes and cancer. Simple 'Yes' or 'No' answers are all that's required to a short list of medical questions in order for us to determine if a client qualifies for an enhanced rate.

Drawdown facility

Unless your client is taking the full loan amount available to them they can release a smaller lump sum initially and have the remainder as a drawdown facility. There are no time restrictions or fees for accessing the facility and unlimited withdrawals, subject to sufficient funds.

Inheritance protection

This feature comes as standard, at no extra cost. If your client does not take the maximum loan amount available from the outset, whatever percentage of the available loan that is left unused is the percentage of the future value of their property that is protected.


  • Can my client move house in the future?

    All of our plans are portable, meaning that the plan can be transferred to a new home without financial penalty, as long as the new property meets the requirements of our lending criteria. If your client is moving to a lower value property, or the original loan amount, plus interest, is greater than the LTV on the new property, your client will usually need to repay part of their lifetime mortgage. Please refer to the Tariff of Charges for details of fees that will be applied when moving home.

  • How does my client apply for a further advance?

    If your client would like to apply for a further advance on a Tailored Choice plan, the lending available will depend on the current property value and their age. You will need to generate a medical reference and then contact our Adviser Support team on 03454 500 151.

    Generate medical reference here

  • How does my client qualify for a Tailored Choice plan?

    Your client will qualify for a Tailored Choice plan if they say ‘yes’ to any of the questions on our medical questionnaire. Click here to download the questionnaire.

  • If my client qualifies for a Tailored Choice plan, will they need to undergo a medical?

    A medical examination is not required. more 2 life may ask your client’s doctor to produce a medical report to verify their health conditions.

  • Is there an option for my client to leave an inheritance?

    Tailored Choice comes with inheritance protection as standard which allows your client to protect a percentage of their property value for their loved ones.

  • What are my client’s obligations once the plan is arranged?

    Your client is required to live in and keep the property in a good state of repair for the duration of the loan. They are also required to inform more 2 life before anyone not party to the loan moves into the property. The property must be adequately insured for the duration of the loan. For further details, please refer to the Key Facts Illustration.

  • What costs are involved in setting up the Tailored Choice plan?

    Download our Tariff of Charges for a breakdown of the costs involved.

  • What if my client wishes to repay their loan?

    As the name suggests, a lifetime mortgage is designed to last for your client's lifetime. It is possible to repay the loan early; however, an early repayment charge may apply if your client settles all or part of the loan before the death of the last surviving partner, or entry into residential long-term care. 

    For more information on how the early repayment charges work click here.


Our Tailored Choice plan

We offer high LTVs and the most flexible drawdown facility on the market for clients with lifestyle issues or medical conditions likley to reduce their life expectancy


Tailored Choice

Our Tailored Choice plan provides a medically underwritten lending solution, with one of the best drawdown facilities on the market.


Capital Choice

Our Capital Choice Plans allow clients to have a lifetime mortgage, as well as the ability to make partial repayments without penalty.


Flexi Choice

Our Flexi Choice lifetime mortgages give your clients a competitive interest rate and the flexibility to make partial repayments. They can choose to take either a one-off lump sum, or a series of smaller lump sum payments.


Maximum Choice

On our Maximum Choice plan, clients can repay up to 12% of their loan each year without incurring an early repayment charge.