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Retirement can be a significant period for clients and a catalyst for change. This is why it is essential that retirement lending options offer the flexibility to match.

One of the things which sets us apart from other lenders is our innovation in modern lending features, which have been designed to give your clients greater flexibility and more control of their lifetime mortgage…and ultimately a brighter financial future.

Are you asking the right questions to get the best plan for your client?

Along with comparing interest rates and loan-to-value rates, when it comes to giving clients advice about equity release it is important to take both their current circumstances and future plans into account, to ensure that they end up with the right plan.

  • Do your clients have children, or a large family expecting an inheritance?
  • Could your clients downsize in the future?
  • Are your clients still working, or are they expecting to come into some money? Could they make partial repayments?
  • Might they be able to repay the loan in full?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then it’s important to discuss plan features with them to find the best one for their needs, now and in the future.

What makes more 2 life different?

  • Not all lenders include modern lending features on their plans 
  • With some lenders, these features may come at an extra cost, or may restrict the amount your clients can borrow 
  • Where lenders do include modern lending features, they are not always included automatically