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Retirement can be a period of significant change for clients, so it’s essential that retirement lending options offer the flexibility to match.

Designed to empower your clients by providing them with as much control of their lifetime mortgage as possible, our features are included at no extra cost.

No matter what the future holds for your clients they can choose a plan that ensures they're protected.

  Capital Choice Maximum Choice Tailored Choice Flexi Choice
Inheritance protection Yes Yes Yes No
Partial repayments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fixed ERCs Yes Yes No Yes
ERC exemptions Yes Yes No Yes

Are you asking the right questions to get the best plan for your client?
Along with comparing interest rates and LTVs, it’s important to take current circumstances and future plans into account too.

  • Do your clients have children, or a large family expecting an inheritance?

  • Might your clients downsize in the future?

  • Are your clients still working, or are they expecting to come into some money?

  • Could they make partial repayments?

  • Might they want to repay the loan in full?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then it’s important to discuss plan features with them to find the best one for their needs, now and in the future.
Your client’s decision to release the equity from their home is a big one; our modern lending features are designed to give them the peace of mind to proceed.

Inheritance protection

Your client can protect a percentage of their home to be passed on as an inheritance to loved onesIf they don’t take the maximum loan amount available to them, the percentage of the LTV which has been left untouched, is the percentage of their future property value that is protected.

Partial repayment

Your clients can control the balance of their loan by choosing to make repayments. To make this as flexible as possible they can:

  • Make payments from day one and from just £50

  • Repay up to 12% of the initial loan each year without incurring any ERCs. (depending on plan choice)

Fixed early repayment charges (ERCs)

Are your clients looking for surety? Fixed ERCs 
ensure clients know how much it would cost them to either repay the loan early or outside the criteria.
Downsizing protection


Should your clients wish to sell their home and need to repay their loan in full because they are moving to a property that does not meet our lending criteria, they can do this without incurring any ERCs, providing they have had their loan for 5 years or more.
ERC exemptions


In joint cases, the remaining borrower can repay the loan in full without incurring any ERCs within 3 years of the death or admission into long-term care of the first borrower.