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Our home is our castle, but is it ours to keep? - 03 January 2018

Stuart Wilson asks: Having bought the dream home and perhaps raised a family there, should we automatically assume that the house will be ours until the day we die?

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Tomorrow's world - 21 June 2016

Stuart Wilson asks: Is the equity release market on the cusp of huge expansion, or is this talk of record growth just a case of "Tomorrow's World"?

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Through the looking glass - 01 June 2016

The equity release industry needs to work harder to educate sceptical clients about the benefits of enhanced lifetime mortgages, says Stuart Wilson

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Is it time for equity release to go all "Starburst"? - 16 May 2016

Some people believe that equity release needs rebranding to help it shake off the negativity and scepticism some clients still have about this industry... says Stuart Wilson

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From cat GIFs to signatureless Apps... - 23 March 2016

Stuart Wilson asks: Can modern technology bring new life to equity release?

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Crossed lines - 23 September 2015

Stuart Wilson asks: Equity release can help millions achieve a more financially stable retirement. So why are people still weary of the option?

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